We’re Multi-Disciplinary Creatives.

Behind every one of our projects is a team of creative problem solvers. We care about doing good work and providing value you can see. 

Our Story

Hushbyte is a registered LLC, founded in Portland Oregon in 2019 providing full-service IT & creative content that aims to partner with our clients to provide digital solutions. Our mission is to share our love of technology, creativity and customer service. We partner closely with individuals and organizations of all sizes, giving them the skills and support they need to move forward with projects that will drive success for their business. 

What Does Hushbyte Mean?

Hushbyte is an expression of the idea of striving to be an invisible force augmenting your digital presence. Our mission is to work with you to drive meaningful results by using our expertise to elevate you, and remain a behind-the-scenes force elevating your presence in every digital way.

Meet The Team

We’re a team of skilled professionals with a passion for innovation and a diverse set of skills.

Jonathan harvey

Founder & Lead Developer

Jonathan is an experienced IT professional with a love for computer science and technology. He is passionate about coding and helping people. Jonathan started Hushbyte with the intention of providing high quality technology solutions to customers all over the world.

In his free time when he isn’t tinkering with new technologies, he enjoys cooking, hiking and discovering new music. Lately, he’s been listening to a lot of Chicano Batman and playing around with algorithmic trading.

Gustavo Garcia

Partner & Designer

Gustavo is a multi-hyphenated designer driven by creative problem-solving and visual storytelling. He started his journey in the creative field working on video production sets and working as a motion designer. 

Outside of designing, Gustavo likes to read about philosophy, watch documentaries about art history, and more recently browse through vintage stores trying to find inspiration in the past. 


Shane Clancy

Full-Stack Developer

Shane is a recent computer science student that enjoys many parts of software development including API and website / app development. He enjoys learning new things and creating high quality products for clients to utilize.

Outside of work, he likes to do hobbyist programming to expand his knowledge of tools and technologies widely used in the industry. He also enjoys playing video games, disc golf, and tennis.

Annie miteva

Partner & Designer

Annie is a Portland based designer who specializes in UI/UX design, branding, and illustration. Her strength is communicating creatively and she has a particular appreciation for color, type, & form. As a member of the design team, Annie is excited by the opportunity to put her creativity and focus on building engaging experiences for Hushbyte clients.

When she isn’t designing, Annie likes to get off the computer and make something with her hands, read about psychology and art theory, or go hiking.


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