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Oxarc is a Washington-based company that provides welding and industrial supplies, safety products & training, as well as medical and specialty gases. Being a large company, Oxarc has complex systems and technology needs that are just as complex.

Our Process

We work with Oxarc on a daily basis to provide them with creative and useful solutions to business problems. One example of this is the custom data reporting portals that we develop. Working closely with Oxarc’s internal IT staff, we used our technical expertise to configure various cloud servers and services for Oxarc on Microsoft’s cloud platform Azure.


After getting Oxarc established on the cloud, we created a secure VPN tunnel that the cloud network uses to communicate with Oxarc’s internal network and systems, and we use this connection to provide access to important data and information anywhere in the world using web and mobile technologies.


Oxarc Reporting Dashboards are a portal into several reports, data, and KPIs that the company uses, and the dashboards are designed to be easy to use and mobile friendly. These dashboards are live, but we’re continuously working closely with Oxarc staff to expo






Tools Used




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